​​​​  ​Focus On 

 ​  ​​This project focuses on:

  • ​  Fostering academia-industry collaboration in the leather industry; by creating a link between university research and the leather sector that will foster                       innovation and the manufacturing of high quality products, and enhancing the problem sovling depending on the scientific base. 

  •   Capacity building of the staff, who are working in the leather manufacturing and tannery; promoting their potentials for better safety and quality. ​

  •   Establishing and equipping of four leather centres in universities of Jordan (2) and Egypt (2). 
    It's a worth to mention that  INNOLEA project complies with the recent national industrial policy for the years (2017 – 2021) that aims to develop competitiveness of Jordanian industries in the area of production cost, quality, certification, export and innovation in addition to linkage between the industrial sector and Universities and research sector in order to establish partnership between the two sectors , encourage applied research and technology transfer. It also coincides with the construction of a new leather city in Robiki in Badr City, 45km east of Cairo that is being built under the coordination of the Ministry of Trade and Industry. All leather tanneries and factories in Old Cairo's Magra Al Oyoun district will be relocated to the new leather city upon completion.​

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