Work Package 2: Development
In This Work Package: A capacity building programme will be prepared and implemented to enhance the skills of Jordanian and Egyptian experts in running and managing leather centers, followed by the actual setup and operational organization of the Leather Centers. The activities carried out in this stage are the core part of the project.

Expected Outputs:

  • Training toolkit.
  • Capacity building programme report.
  • Equipment.
  •  Leather centres services.
  • Pilot test reports.
  • Activities brochures
  • Collaboration platform

Work Package Leader:                            UPB



1. Training Microstructure.pdf

2. Training Macrostructure.pdf

Criteria for the selection of experts_2.pdf

Training Toolkit_Unit 1.pdf

Training Toolkit_Unit 2.pdf

Training Toolkit_Unit 3.pdf

Training Toolkit_Unit 4.pdf

UNIT 2_Module 1. CTIC Part 1. Raw hides and skins.ppsx

WP 2.2. Capacity Building Programme.rar

WP 2.3. Equipment.rar

JUST Leather Center services_EN.pdf

JUST Leather Center services_AR.pdf

AASTMT Leather Technology Center Services_AR.pdf

AASTMT Leather Technology Center Services_EN.pdf

SVU Leather Center services_EN_AR.pdf

SVU Leather Center services_EN_AR.pdf

BAU Leather Center services_AR.docx

BAU Leather Center services_EN.docx

AASTMT Leather Technology Center-AR.pdf

AASTMT Leather Technology Center-EN.pdf

JUST Brochure_AR.pdf

JUST_brochure EN.pdf

SVU Brochure_EN.pdf

SVU Brochure_AR.pdf

WP 2.5. Pilot Test reports.rar

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